jatuh cinta setiap hari

Always said I would know where to find love,

Always thought I’d be ready and strong enough,

But some times I just felt I could give up.

But you came and you changed my whole world now,

I’m somewhere I’ve never been before.

Now I see, what love means.


It’s so unbelievable, And I don’t want to let it go,

Something so beautiful, Flowing down like a waterfall.

I feel like you’ve always been, Forever a part of me.

And it’s so unbelievable to finally be in love,

Somewhere I’d never thought I’d be.


In my heart, in my head, it’s so clear now,

Hold my hand you’ve got nothing to fear now,

I was lost and you’ve rescued me some how-.

I’m alive, I’m in love you complete me,

And I’ve never been here before. Now I see, what love means.


When I think of what I have, and this chance I nearly lost,

I cant help but break down, and cry.

 Oh yeah, break down and cry.


Now I see, what love means…



2 thoughts on “jatuh cinta setiap hari

  1. yinta
    nas juga selalu yinta
    tiap hari

    gak terasa yah, udah hampir 2 tahun kita menikah
    gak terasa betapa hati kita saling bertaut..kayak kembar siam…
    kamu semakin terampil memasak, aku semakin terampil benerin mesin pompa kalau lagi macet (terampil call 911 maksudnya)

    Kamu semakin mengerti aku, aku juga semakin menegrti yistrinya

    Semoga 4JJ selalu menaburkan bunga-bunga cinta
    yang mekar tiap hari…

    Makin rajin tahajud ya..
    semoga saat2 yang kita tunggu segera datang

    yuamiknya yayang yistrinya yapa lo ini lo….


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