bottle tragedy

Suaminya Riana wrote:

And the story Goes….(Sorry Agnes Monica..I steal your album title for a while).
I flight form Gothenburg to Basel yesterday. But, since there is no direct flight I have to connect in Berlin instead. Its great feeling to see how poor East Germany own a great Berlin city. Anyway..

When I was in my way back from Berlin Tegel to Gothenburg here is the story started..
I forgot (I regret to state many forgots in my life experience, but NOT to forget the reason why I marry my wife at least..) to empty my bottle. I have been very tired on my way back from Basel to Berlin that made me have no extra time to check my bottle inside.

And Gosh..They found it. Actually, I seen a lot of bottle there at least for thousands or hundreds people who still bring their aqua bottle in the check in point..Thats why I tried to negotiate.”Can I empty my bottle by flowing the water here”..I showed some empty bottle there..

They said “100% NO!”, and they continue their germany which I dont even 1% understand what they mean. Somebody then told me, “Leave your bottle here OR drink your water”

I just bought it in sport shop in Basel. very nice bottle that remind me of Roger Federer because the wallpaper of the shop stated “proudly present roger federer bottle” therefore I choose the 2nd option. “OK I drink it” .You know it almost 1 litter water.Sorry cant exactly find the best word (even in Bahasa..can you find a higher degree of “kembung”) to express that my stomach was “Mblending“..It sounds “pung pung pung” during my walk in the airport.But yeach…I forgot that I was fasting during that Thurday (yesterday), So its kinda blessing in disguises.A win win solution.At least, the good news is I did not feel any thirsty until NOW…


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